McDonald’s Upgrades Their ECRs
February 1, 2011

Opal Manufacturing Ltd. has been designing and manufacturing vending solutions for over 70 years and is a global leader in the delivery of prepaid telecom products, transit ticket dispensing, postal booklet vending, prepaid debit card vending, PIN vending, prepaid IP access, and self service bill pay applications.

Opal Vending Machine

Opal Vending Machine

Opal’s primary focus has been in producing equipment for vending prepaid telecom products, namely cards for long distance calling, cards for mobile top up, PIN printing at the time of sale and real time on-line account top up. When Opal wanted to add TCP/IP functionality to their remote vending machines, especially telecom prepaid kiosks they turned to LAVA. As well, we added another level of security (beyond the standard one already present in the technology) to make sure that the financial transactions that were being processed were being done securely.

Opal chose LAVA because engineering, manufacturing, and technical support are located in Toronto, Canada, close to Opal’s operations. Secondly, LAVA developed a product to their exact specification that is delivered to them on a just-in time [JIT] basis. Finally, the LAVA Lifetime Warranty guaranteed that the product would remain very cost-effective and spoke to high reliability — crucial considerations, especially since the final finished product is shipped to many remote locations in the world.

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