November 29, 2011

Wireless connection to power meter

A customer writes: “So I want to connect up a power meter wirelessly over IP. It (the power meter) used to connect to a phone line, picked up a phone call, and sent data back. Here’s what I’m doing: — power meter connects to LAVA POTS-to-Ethernet box — LAVA POTS-to-Ethernet box connects to a cellular router — I connect to the cellular router, which connects to the LAVA box, which “phones” the power meter — then the power meter sends […]
November 25, 2011

LAVA appoints Intronics as its Master European Distributor

Intronics, a stocking distributor of connectivity products and solutions located in Barnefeld, The Netherlands, has been appointed as Lava Computer MFG. Inc.’s direct trading partner and Master Distribution Partner in Europe. For years Intronics has been a Premier Distributor for LAVA in Europe, and it now becomes a European importer of lines of I/O cards and Ethernet-to-serial device servers engineered and manufactured by LAVA. The existing commercial relationship and long trading history between LAVA and Intronics, as well as Intronics’ […]
November 24, 2011

Ether-Serial Links: Win 7 Embedded

LAVA now has a functioning Windows 7 Embedded install (driver and Ether-Link Manager) for Ether-Serial Links, at present in an Engineering Release only. Customers looking to use the Ether-Serial Link in a Windows 7 Embedded context will find this of interest. This release was developed for a customer who wanted to install the Ether-Serial Link driver on a digital video recorder that uses Windows 7 64-bit Embedded. A sample system was provided to us for testing. The specific model was […]
November 23, 2011

Updated RS-232 Serial Ports white paper

LAVA’s white paper on RS-232 serial ports has been a popular download for years. In 26 pages, this PDF covers a great deal of what you need to know to understand and use serial ports. It discusses what a serial port is, and looks closely at RS-232 (signalling, electrical, and mechanical aspects). UARTs are defined and their operation — stop and start bits, parity bits, data bits, buffers and triggers, Windows port configuration screens, and more — are covered. A […]