New RS-422 Ether-Serial Link
January 30, 2012
Parallel Port Control of Plasma Cutter
February 8, 2012

Sometimes the card you need is right in every regard, but one: it doesn’t fit! In fact, that was the impulse behind low-profile PCI in the first place — someone realized that full-height computer cases had a lot of empty space inside, and decided to make them slimmer. In doing so, adapter cards needed to become slimmer to match, and the Low-Profile PCI specification was developed to define a standard size for these new, smaller cards.

In becoming smaller, some other things needed to change at the same time. For example, two DB-9 serial connectors would not fit in the height available on the shorter bracket, so instead, they were appended to a fan-out cable.

Similarly for the four-port serial card — a fan-out cable became the solution, instead of having a second bracket holding the third and fourth serial ports. These fan-out cables made it possible to have multiple ports exiting from one chassis opening — a spin-off benefit in some cases.

From time to time it’s necessary for those with full-height cases to take advantage of these low-profile benefits as well. For these situations, LAVA has a simple solution: fitting a full-height bracket onto a low-profile card. The best of both worlds! We can readily supply this optional bracketing on request for the SSerial-PCI/LP, DSerial-PCI/LP, and Quattro-PCI/LP.

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