June 28, 2012

New Power over Ethernet (PoE) white paper

We’ve just put out our newest white paper, on the subject of Power over Ethernet (PoE), also known as IEEE 802.3at. This technology makes it possible to deliver power to networked devices simply and easily, using existing network cabling. Power can be added to a network using either PoE endpoint devices (these are, for example, PoE routers and switches), or through PoE midspan devices (devices that can inject power into an existing network segment). Power is delivered to PoE devices […]
June 21, 2012

RJ-45 Serial: A Tale in Confusion

It’s a common problem we see at LAVA — customers calling up with cabling issues. The most problematic are RJ-45 connectors providing RS-232 interfaces, since there is no solidly standardized pin-out. This issue of RJ-45 to RS-232 connection crops up frequently in POS (Point of Sale) systems, and shows up in other hardware as well. A recent call to our support lines exemplifies the problem. A customer called up with a question: why would the LAVA Ether-Serial Link 4-232-RJ45 that […]
June 15, 2012

POS to DVR or NVR Integration: A Serial Splitter – Part 2

We’ve had a number of POS system installers wanting to take output from a POS system to a serial printer, and also send it to a DVR (Digital Video Recorder) or NVR (Network Video Recorder) over an IP connection. Integrating POS and video surveillance is a growing business, and some people are finding it a key to success with their customers. Business Solutions Magazine (June 2012) had a cover story on just this topic, pointing out how Datatek was making […]
June 13, 2012

Windows 7 certified PCIe drivers

New Microsoft-certified drivers are now available for online download for the range of LAVA PCIe cards: SSerial-PCIe SSerial-PCIe/LP DSerial-PCIe DSerial-PCIe/LP Quattro-PCIe SP-PCIe 2SP-PCIe [9,9] 2SP-PCIe [9,25] Parallel-PCIe Parallel-PCIe/LP These drivers are certified for Windows 7 32-bit and 64-bit.
June 11, 2012

Serial port interfacing with GPSes

GPSes are becoming commonplace, not just as the standalone devices we have in our cars, but perhaps even more often as a capability built into our smartphones. In the majority of cases, the data that those GPSes generate is used by and stored in the device itself, but occasionally people want to access that data in other ways. A typical instance is when someone wants to download waypoints, routes, or tracks for use in computer-based mapping software or to transfer […]
June 8, 2012

OBDII Automotive Diagnostics and serial port connections

Vehicles manufactured after 1996 have a capability that few drivers realize exists: your vehicle has an interface to its computer that can provide a panoply of information about your vehicle’s operation and status, second by second. This interface, the On-Board Diagnostics (OBD) port, gives information on speed, acceleration, fuel use, temperatures (of oil, coolant, air intake, etc,), engine load, rpms, electrical voltages, fault conditions, and much more. If you’ve ever had your “Check Engine” light go on, and not known […]
June 6, 2012

POS to DVR or NVR Integration: A Serial Splitter

Eye in the Sky (www.eyeintheskycams.com) wanted to develop a simple and effective method of collecting receipt/journal printer information from a Ruby POS system, print it, and simultaneously send it to an NVR (Network Video Recorder) for text overlay. The solution required taking the serial port printer outputs from a Ruby POS system to a dumb line splitter, which passed all the serial lines directly to the printer, and also passed the ground (GND) and transmit (Tx) lines to the LAVA […]