July 25, 2012

LAVA Lifetime Warranty: 100% Product Testing

You’re probably aware that all LAVA boards are covered by the LAVA Lifetime Warranty. We don’t beat around the bush — the bottom line is that if your LAVA card fails to perform in its intended use, we will fix or replace it. What makes us confident enough to offer this warranty? It’s simple: we engineer and manufacture LAVA boards ourselves, so we know our products inside out. But more than that, we test every LAVA board individually to ensure […]
July 25, 2012

The Source for Ports for Adamas Technikos Inc.

Adamas Technikos Inc. is a generalist in the computer services industry, providing systems and integration since 1990. In that time they have relied on LAVA to supply them with reliable products, knowing that the cost in time and reputation of installing unreliable, so-called “cost-effective” components does not save money in the long run. SSerial-PCI to card swipe As a result, Adamas Technikos’ reputation for bulletproof computer solutions has meant that word of mouth is enough to fill their customer pipeline. […]
July 13, 2012

Predictive Dialer Applications

Predictive dialers, at their most basic, are Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) hardware or software devices that dial a list of telephone numbers, and, when a call is answered, pass that call to a human calling agent, who initiates a conversation with the person answering the call. Beyond this basic function, predictive dialers also manage the distribution of calls to agents, manage unanswered calls by applying rescheduling algorithms, minimize agents’ wait times, and generally make the most effective use of telephony […]