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July 25, 2012
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August 8, 2012

You’re probably aware that all LAVA boards are covered by the LAVA Lifetime Warranty. We don’t beat around the bush — the bottom line is that if your LAVA card fails to perform in its intended use, we will fix or replace it.

What makes us confident enough to offer this warranty? It’s simple: we engineer and manufacture LAVA boards ourselves, so we know our products inside out. But more than that, we test every LAVA board individually to ensure that it is working, before it ships.

That final statement means a lot, and is worth a close look. It is not actually enough to know a design works. The fact is that “stuff” happens, and not every component is identical. The overwhelming majority of finished cards coming out of the solder machine will work, but there will be some that won’t and at the end of it all the only way to know that a given card works is to test it.

It’s almost too obvious to say such a thing, but the reality is that many manufacturers test only a sample of products in a production lot, on the assumption that a given failure rate is acceptable, or maybe thinking that failures won’t happen. That belief might be good enough for them, but is it good enough for you? What will it cost you to visit a customer site to troubleshoot a hardware failure?

Life isn’t perfect, but LAVA tries to come close. And remember, we also have unlimited live free technical support and a no-hassle return policy.

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