LAVA Lifetime Warranty: 100% Product Testing
July 25, 2012
Wireless Ether Serial Links
August 12, 2012

Shergroup Textiles runs its DOS-based accounting system “RealWorld” inside an emulator on a SCO Unix server. This accounting package has a virtual serial interface, but no physical serial port exists on the server. Users at Shergroup can access this accounting package through dedicated terminals. One exception exists however: a user on a Windows system, who needs to run another Windows-based package as well.

Shergroup has developed a solution that provides the best of both worlds for this user: on that person’s system they have installed another DOS emulator that talks to a LAVA single serial port card (the LAVA SSerial-PCI). That card is in turn connected to a LAVA Ether-Serial Link serial device server, which in turn is connected to the UNIX server.

Connecting DOS emulators

Connecting DOS emulators

In effect, a serial tunnel runs between the two emulators, making it possible for the user on the Windows system to connect to the DOS emulator on the UNIX system.

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