August 18, 2012

Ad Hoc

What are Ad Hoc and Infrastructure Networks? LAVA’s wireless serial device servers (WiFi ESLs) can operate in Ad Hoc or Infrastructure modes. These two modes are fundamentally different, each with their own advantages and disadvantages. Ad Hoc Networks The Latin expression “ad hoc” translates into English as “for this,” a translation that loosely suggests what ad hoc networks are: networks set up for a single simple purpose. In their simplest form, Ad Hoc networks are peer-to-peer connections between two wireless […]
November 29, 2011

Wireless connection to power meter

A customer writes: “So I want to connect up a power meter wirelessly over IP. It (the power meter) used to connect to a phone line, picked up a phone call, and sent data back. Here’s what I’m doing: — power meter connects to LAVA POTS-to-Ethernet box — LAVA POTS-to-Ethernet box connects to a cellular router — I connect to the cellular router, which connects to the LAVA box, which “phones” the power meter — then the power meter sends […]