LAVA 2SP-550

2SP-550 (ISA 2 port RS-232/1 port bi-dir)


ISA Bus 16550 & Parallel Bi-directional Board

Running out of ISA slots? Looking for a great combo card for a point-of-sale system? The 2SP-ISA has been one of Lava’s most popular products and it is still going strong.

One 2SP-ISA doubles your serial ports and adds a bi-directional parallel port in a system short on ISA slots. In addition to solving ISA real estate shortage, the board is ideal for systems where manual setting of IRQ and COM addresses is a must. The 2SP-PCI offers a generous selection of IRQ, COM, and LPT settings, to minimize the possibility of conflicts in resource allocation.The 2SP-ISA is ideal for any serial and parallel peripheral.

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►►► Support for 2SP-550 (ISA 2 port RS-232/1 port bi-dir)

  • Adds two high-speed 16550 UART serial ports and one bi-directional parallel port to any ISA-equipped PC
  • Serial ports support 115.2 kbps throughput rate
  • Each serial port selectable for any of IRQ 2/3/4/7/5/10/11/12/15
  • Each serial port independently configurable as Com 1 through Com 4
  • Parallel port configurable as LPT 1/2 using IRQ 5/7

1 ISA slot


One 9-pin serial port
One 25-pin serial port
One 25-pin parallel port

Product Details:

Shipping weight: 5.30 oz 150 g