LAVA ISA 1 port PNP RS-232/1 UART

LavaPort-PnP (ISA 1 port RS-232 16650, UART PnP)

ISA Bus 16650 Single Serial Plug and Play Board

The LavaPort-PnP allows users to achieve ultra high-speed transfer rates when connecting their serial peripherals to a PC.

This Plug and Play board does not require any manual IRQ or COM configuration – it is as easy to install as it is to configure.

The LavaPort-PnP is capable of handling transfer rates of up to 460.8 kbps, making it ideal for communicating with ISDN modems, or other high-speed serial peripherals.

The LavaPort-PnP uses the 16650 UART, which has a 32-byte FIFO buffer that allows the CPU to send & receive bursts of data from the port without error. The 16650 UART also has highly efficient interrupt handling, eliminating communication bottlenecks and resulting in smooth, uninterrupted data flow.

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  • Adds one ultra high-speed 16650 UART serial port to any Plug and Play capable ISA-equipped PC
  • Serial port supports up to 460.8 kbps throughput rate
  • Automatic Plug and Play configuration
  • Integrated 32-byte FIFO buffer with software configurable Tx/Rx triggers

1 ISA slot


1 9-pin serial port

Product Details:

Shipping weight: 3.88 oz 110 g