LAVA USB Serial Link

USB-Serial Link 4-232-DB9

Four-Port USB-to-serial interface

Ideal for connecting any RS-232 device on the USB port of a PC or laptop. LAVA USB-Serial Links provide serial ports that are simple to install, configure, and control.

Any serial device can send its information to a USB-Serial Link, which then passes that information over USB to the computer.

The serial ports of the LAVA USB-Serial Link 4-232-DB9 look and act precisely like they are built into your computer: they appear right alongside other serial ports in Windows’ Device Manager.

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  • Adds four RS-232 DB-9 serial ports to any USB-enabled PC
  • Serial ports support 115.2 kbps throughput rate each
  • Serial ports easily configurable as Com 1 through Com 255


USB interface; Win 2000/Win XP/Vista 32-bit/Win 7 32-bit


Four DB-9 serial ports
One Series B USB port

Product Details:

Shipping weight: 18.3 oz 620 g