LAVA PCI 1 port RS-232 LP

SSerial-PCI/LP (PCI 1 Port RS-232 LP)


Low Profile Single Port Serial Card (PCI Bus 16550)

This 2.5″ (60 mm) high board is designed to fit compact-chassis such as FlexATX motherboard systems, 2U rackmount systems, slimline systems, All-in-One systems, and compact POS systems.

The SSerial-PCI/LP is as easy to use as the SSerial-PCI, and it uses the Moko ASIC, which virtually eliminates any possibility of component failure.

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►►► Support for SSerial-PCI/LP (PCI 1 Port RS-232 LP)

  • Adds one 25-pin 16550 UART serial port to any low profile PCI-equipped PC
  • Supports high-speeds up to 115.2 kbps throughput rate
  • O/S automatically selects next available IRQ and COM addresses
  • Easy Plug and Play installation
  • Includes LAVA Com Port Redirect Utility for renaming COM Ports in Windows 95/98/Me.
  • Allows for backward compatibility with software that supports COM 1-4 only
  • This serial port is ideal for serial port devices: external modems, serial printers, Palm PCs, mice, point-of-sale devices, digital cameras, etc.

1 PCI slot


1 25-pin serial port

Product Details:

Shipping weight: 3.0 oz. / 85 g.