LAVA Parallel-PCIe Low Profile Expansion Card

Parallel-PCIe/LP (PCIe 1 port EPP LP)


One Port Low Profile Parallel PCIe card (Enhanced Parallel Port)

The LAVA Parallel-PCIe/LP is fully PCIe compliant and takes advantage of the speed and easy configuration of the PCIe bus. Users are no longer restricted to the three standard parallel port addresses: the Parallel-PCIe automatically selects a free address and IRQ during installation, virtually eliminating user error and resource conflicts.

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  • Adds one PCIe bus 25-pin Enhanced (EPP) Parallel Port to any low-profile PCIe-equipped PC
  • Easy Plug and Play installation
  • Backwards compatible with legacy parallel port peripherals
  • Software configurable for standard ISA LPT (0278h and 0378h) addresses (only where permitted by the operating system: Windows 98 and earlier)
  • Ideal interface for any parallel port

1 PCIe slot, low profile chassis


1 25-pin EPP parallel port

Product Details:

Shipping weight: 3.53 oz.