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  Async 2 / A-550 Manual Support » Async 2/A-550 » Manual
First Time Installation
Remove the computer cover and install the Lava Async2/A-550 adapter into any available free slot. Power-up the computer. After the memory count, the system should display an error "165" and sound two beeps.

Insert the backup copy of your original IBM Reference Diskette (or equivalent) into Drive A and strike the F1 function key. The floppy diskette access light should illuminate.

At the IBM logo screen, strike [ENTER] as prompted. The next screen that appears informs you that an adapter configuration error "165" has occured. Since you have just installed a new adapter, this is quite natural. In response to "Automatically Configure The System (Y/N)?" respond "N". If you inadvertantly choose "Y" the system will not be able to find the necessary file to configure the Lava Async2/A-550 on the reference diskette and you will have to repeat the process.

The next screen that appears, if you answered "N" to the previous prompt is the "MAIN MENU" displaying a series of options. Select the "Copy An Option Diskette" option. This option prompts you to insert the Lava Async2/A-550 reference diskette into DRIVE A, and copies the necessary files onto the system reference diskette.

You may now run the "Set Configuration Option" to manually, or automatically configure the computer.

Removing Or Re-Installing
Should you ever need to remove the Lava Async2/A-550, simply remove the printed circuit board from the computer. With the IBM Reference Diskette in DRIVE A, power-up the computer. Once again, you will get a "165 Adapter Configuration Error." Strike the F1 key and run "Automatic Configuration."

To re-install the board, reinsert it into the computer. With the IBM Reference Diskette in DRIVE A, power-up the computer and strike the F1 key, when "165 Adapter Configuration Error" occurs. Since the necessary files have already been transfered to the IBM Reference Diskette during the First-Time Installation, you may choose "Automatically Configure The System."

Manual Configuration

The Automatic Configuration Utility supplied with every PS/2 system will automatically configure the Lava Async2/A-550 as the next non-conflicting ports. By using "SC.COM," a utility supplied on the IBM Reference Diskette, the Lava Async2/A-550 ports can be independently configured as a choice of 9 logical addresses, ranging from COM 2 through COM 8 (addresses unique to MCA system), plus 2 logical address commonly used in ISA systems.

To manually configure the Lava Async2/A-550, use "SC.COM." Select the "Change Configuration" option and follow the instructions that appear on the screen.

Lava Technical Support

Lava Technical Support via phone is available Monday through Friday, 9:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. EST (North America) except for the following holidays:
  • New Years Day - January 1st.
  • Good Friday - check calendar
  • Labour Day - check calendar
  • Christmas - December 25th

Lava Technical Support via phone can be accessed by dialling: 416.674.5942

Support queries can be sent 24 hours a day via the Tech Direct form.
We can also receive support queries via fax at the following number: 416.674.8262

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